Prayer Page

Please pray for these members and friends:

  • Mark Kennett (cancer)
  • Elsie Hegwood
  • Daisy Martin
  • Clint & Happy Snyder
  • Mahea and Jared to have a child
  • Leinani Springer (cancer free)
  • Gailen Kaohi (cancer)
  • Lauren's parents (health)
  • Duane (cancer)
  • Maggie (cancer free)
  • Norma & Mary Watanabe (cancer)
  • Helen's mother
  • Stacy, cancer
  • Danny Smith, recovery from accident
  • Janice's mother--health
  • Priscilla's mother (heart)
  • Beth Hanashiro , dad with Alzheimers
  • Michael Nizo-health
  • Veronica Botelho--health
  • Our local, state, and national leaders, our men and women in the military fighting terrorism, and a speedy end to wars everywhere.

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