What to Bring Along




  1. Cooking supplies (pots, pans, cooking utensils, coffee maker, etc., all that you will need).
  2. Food and drinks for all meals.
  3. Bedding: the cabins have single beds with mattresses. You can either bring a sleeping bag or a fitted bottom sheet and regular bedding and blanket. You ought to also bring a pillow for your head.
  4. Hiking Gear: Sandals with treads, sneakers, or hiking boots.
  5. Cold weather gear: A jacket and long pants would be advisable. It is also wet there, please bring an umbrella or poncho.
  6. Flashlight and/or candles
  7. Bibles
  8. Personal toiletry items (soap, shampoo, towel)
  9. Cleaning supplies (trash bags, dish soap, floor cleaner, etc.  Broom, mop, and bucket are supplied at the cabins.)
  10. First aid supplies for your group in the event of accident or injury
  11. Firewood, and matches. Please leave a supply of dry firewood in the wood box inside for the next campers.



Note about cell phones: There is no signal at the Waineke Cabins, but there are pay phones at the Koke’e Lodge, which is a ten-minute walk away.