Dear Hanai Daughter,

So, I was thinking about the size of your living space at the moment. . . .I realized that it is almost exactly the size of the outdoor chessboard by the pool at the Marriott Hotel at Kalapaki. Hmmm, you are living on a chessboard! And in that sense, every move you make is calculated and subject to counter moves.  There must be times when it feels like checkmate. too. I think this must be mentally trying and exhausting for you. I know that you are used to living in tight spaces, but so much patience to remain congenial I myself could not muster! I would probably pitch a tent in the front yard for inner peace.

Also, your bright angel is coming to me everyday--always about 10-11 in the morning--like your very spirit is reaching out beyond your physical existence.  The fact that your angel visits me suggests that I am supposed to intervene somehow in your situation. This I gladly do through prayer of course! But also, I am quite sincere in having you come here if you find the need for respite. Your travel should not affect the current proceedings on EU citizenship. I understand that V is working and cannot travel at will because of his parents, but maybe you can ask him what he thinks about your time away? Or, maybe you can find away for the both of you to travel out?

If nothing else, just keep in mind that there is a place for you here!

Blessings, da Hanai Papa